Beer for All Seasons: A Through-the-Year Guide to What to Drink and When to Drink It

four-stars /5

BEER_FOR_ALL_SEASONS062515An entertaining read, this book brings some perspective to the craft beer revolution and addresses the faux pas of seasonal beer drinking. Chapter one starts by planting beer firmly and irrevocably right smack in the center of human history and—in case you forgot why that pint is in your hand—reminding you of the purposes of beer. Chapter two gives a closer look at the making of beer, what to look for in different beers, and the origins of different brewing traditions. Chapters three through seven are where this book gets down to business. With a month-by-month breakdown of beer-related events all over the country and a detailed look at the perfect beer for every time of year, the book certainly earns its title: Beer for All Seasons.

Often making reference to cultural traditions and the history of brewing styles, this book isn’t just another beer book. The insightful commentary is complemented with comparative color pictures, images of vintage labels, and alcohol content charts. On a scale of beer sipper to beer enthusiast, there is something to interest everyone in this informative—but not too technical—take on beer.

Originally published on Manhattan Book Review.


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