Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting, and Family Lives of Familiar Birds

stars /5

INTO_NEST062515We watch birds fly past our windows with twigs or bits of fluff. We see their nests in trees. Sometimes, we even build them houses. Yet, few people know much more about birds than that. Into the Nest gives readers a peek into the nesting and baby bird rearing of common, backyard birds. Broken up into short sections such as “Pairing up,” “Nesting,” and “Parenting,” this book looks at over twenty species of birds and the unique behaviors that characterize their family lives. While managing not to be too wordy or academic, Into the Nest provides interesting facts about some of the most beautiful common birds.

Growing up on a few acres in the Sacramento area, one of my favorite childhood memories is of a mallard duckling my parents rescued from a coyote before it had hatched. The rest of the nest was destroyed, so we bought an incubator and turned the egg every few hours until suddenly, I was peeking in at a fluff ball, instead of a white egg. This book tugged at those memories and others of finding hummingbird nests and halves of eggshells. It was a great insight to be able to read about many of the birds I was already familiar with, and the pictures just reminded me how adorable baby birds are—once you give them a few days to sprout some feathers, that is.

Originally published on Manhattan Book Review.


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