Sunset Eating Up the West Coast: The best road trips, restaurants, and recipes from California to Washington

four-stars /5

EATING_UP_WEST_COAST_MBR072215Filled cover to cover with beautiful photography, delicious and simple recipes, and local attractions, Eating Up the West Coast is an innovative hybrid between a cookbook and a West Coast guidebook.  With six routes that cover sections of Southern and Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, readers truly get a taste of the road less traveled and the recipes that are infused with back road traditions.

As a California native and a foodie with a serious case of the travel bug, this book caught my attention right away. The recipes provided are eclectic and easy to make and the “On the Road” attractions offered ideas I never would have thought of<Unfortunately, the format of this book left a little to be desired. It seems that the author forced her road trip path to conform to predetermined restaurants and attractions, rather than following a logical route and allowing the featured restaurants to arise along that course. This makes it impractical to actually follow the featured routes and instead had me picking and choosing from the attractions listed. The recipes also follow these unconventional paths and jump from course to course, instead of leading the reader through one complete meal.

Originally published on Manhattan Book Review.


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