Sandwiched: Grill ‘Em, Toast ‘Em, Stuff ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

SANDWICHED0202three-and-a-half-stars /5

No longer will you be a slave to the same old PB&J sandwich you’ve had for lunch every weekday since kindergarten. Break out your apron, pull out your pans, and turn on your stove, becauseSandwiched is about to bring new life to the age-old finger food, transforming your loaf of bread into a culinary meal the whole family will love. This cookbook features 57 recipes in four categories (Starter Sammies, Breakfast Sammies, Main Meal Sammies, and Sweet Sammies) for your finger licking enjoyment.

While I felt that some of the recipes were stretching the definition of “sandwich” a bit (is it really a sandwich if the bread is replaced with waffles, cookies, cake, or a tortilla?), most of the recipes were creative and simple to recreate. One of my favorites was the Pesto Veggie Sub. With a household full of meat lovers, an entirely veggie based meal didn’t stand much of a chance, but it was a hit with the whole family. I can’t wait for summer to come so I can try this sandwich with veggies fresh from the garden. We also enjoyed the Greek Meatball Sliders and I’m looking forward to trying the Chicken Parmesan Sliders just as soon as our store of bread is replenished.

Originally published on San Francisco Book Review.


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