The Cookie Companion: A Decorator’s Guide


The Cookie Companion is a true must-have resource for dabblers and cookie frosting veterans alike. Reminiscent of the Wilton cake cookbooks in Grandma’s kitchen, the cookbook will push your creativity into full swing. The book includes several ideal cookie and icing recipes for your cookie-decorating pleasure and continues to give detailed explanations of the consistencies of icing that are best for different types of decorating — pictures included. The color charts, in particular, are worth taking the time to go over before you start haphazardly pouring food coloring into your perfectly textured frosting. The decoration ideas themselves range from simple (Halloween eyeballs and birthday presents) to complicated and time-consuming (wood grain signs with personalized messages and painted ocean scenes).

I certainly, fall further toward the “dabblers” side of the scale, so this book has already been a great resource for me. I found the introduction, while a bit lengthy, to be very helpful. I recommend reading it before beginning, as I did. You’ll save yourself many mishaps. All of the decorating ideas are adorable, but it may take less experienced cookie decorators a few tries to get them right. Just make a few extra cookies, because you get to eat any that just don’t turn out quite right!

Originally published on San Francisco Book Review.


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