The Nazi Hunters

nazi_huntersfour-and-a-half-stars /5

Contrary to popular belief, Hitler wasn’t the only Nazi during WWII. The Nazi Hunters is a historical account of the years that followed World War II. It moves swiftly through the trial that immediately followed the Allied victory – where several of the top Nazi officials were executed. However, where most other accounts of the tumultuous post-war period follow the political attention of the time to focus on the rising threat of the Cold War,The Nazi Hunters instead takes the reader along the road less traveled, one traversed by only a few men and women hell-bent on seeing justice prevail: the Nazi hunters.

This is not a topic that I would usually have delved into for pleasure reading, but my younger brother recently was accepted into the Air Force Academy, so there’s been a lot of military talk around the house lately and it caught my attention. Whether my picking it up was a fluke or my brother’s enthusiasm rubbing off on me, I’m glad I followed through. This book was both intriguing and well written – both a plus – but what made it really stand out to me is that it so perfectly captured a time in history that so few people know about. It completely changed my understanding of WWII and helped me feel a connection to a time and events that really aren’t all that long gone – and yet already feel so forgotten.

Originally published on San Francisco Book Review.


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