Have You Seen Elephant?

have_you_seen_elephantstars /5

It all starts with Elephant’s simple question, “Would you like to play hide and seek?”, and from there this picture book introduces characters with the unlikeliest of skills. Elephant’s choice of hiding spots will entertain children as the boy moves from room to room looking for him. If you need a hint to find Elephant yourself, the dog turns out to be pretty good at hide and seek even when the boy is stumped by Elephant’s clever hiding places. Once the whole house has been searched, the game moves outside, where Elephant and the boy meet a turtle who wants to play a game. “Would you like to play tag?”

Author and Illustrator David Barrow has already won several awards for his children’s book illustrations, including the Sebastian Walker Award for the most promising children’s illustrator in 2015. High expectations will not be disappointed with Have You Seen Elephant? I absolutely love the illustrations throughout the book; they are sure to capture the imagination of eager Elephant seekers and turtle racers alike. Barrow has even managed to tuck a little extra fun in the front and back covers, where the family portraits make room for the new friends.

Originally published in San Francisco Book Review.


To the Sea

three-stars /5

totheseaTo the Sea uses creative illustrations to reanimate an age-old theme. This children’s book tells the story of Tim, a lonely young boy, and Sam, a blue whale that has lost his way and needs to get back to his home in the sea.

Tim’s wild ideas on how to help the whale return to the sea are sure to entertain young readers. With beautiful illustrations and eye-catching color combinations, this book is fun to look at and teaches an important lesson: friendship is about loyalty and support.

Although I at first thought this book to be a bit too melancholy to be a children’s book, the illustrations are adorable and the characters sweet and genuine. The illustrations are what first caught my attention about this book. With a backdrop of blues and teals, Tim’s orange raincoat stands out like a ray of hope. Young children are sure to love Tim and his new friend from  the very first page.

Originally published on Manhattan Book Review.